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Herbal Remedies
Health Consultation

Our health consultations are a one-on-one appointment to discuss your emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Ionic Foot Spa

An ionic foot spa is an alternative therapy which balances the body’s natural energy system.

Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is a massage therapy which balances the body systems for better over all health of the body.

Massage Therapy

Enhance your well being with a relaxing massage. The health benefits extend well beyond relieving aches and pains!



Darrin Poeppelman

Darrin is the son of Betty and acquired the business in 2013.  Being Betty's son, he grew up with herbs in his daily life and gained an appreciation for natural health.  Darrin has studied at Trinity School of Natural Health and under some of the best herbalists in North America. Darrin specializes in health, spiritual, emotional and grief counseling.


Jessica Langenkamp

As a health and fitness enthusiast, Jessica joined the team in 2021 to purse her passion of helping other become their healthiest self. She began her training with the World Organization of Natural Medicine where she earned her health coaching certificate.  Jessica specializes in female hormonal issues, diet, and fitness.


124 West Main St

Osgood, Ohio 45351

Huffer Chiropractic

Betty's Natural Foods has partnered with Huffer Chiropractic in our brand new location in Osgood. Travis Elsass D.C. and Marcus Nitschke D.C., will be at the new facility.  The office offers an X-ray room and they plan to utilize the same techniques and modalities that are used at the Jackson Center location. To schedule, call the Osgood office number; 419-582-6011.

Our new partners in health!

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve your nutrition and wellness needs by providing professional services, educational support, and highly effective products to help you achieve optimal health. We are here to provide an experience that could change you and your family's life!


Would you like to learn more about natural health? Explore our library of free e-books from the leading edge of natural wellness.

products we

Nature's Sunshine products offers the highest quality herbal supplements, vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements.

Pure Herbs, Ltd.™, committed to quality and personalized service, produces herbal extracts which are dietary supplements extracted in liquids such as distilled water and neutral grain spirits.

Young Living is the World Leader in Essential Oils. They offer therapeutic-grade, authentic essential oils to bring a more natural lifestyle to your household.

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The Terry Naturally® brand, created by Terry Lemerond, aims to enhance America's health, one person at a time. They strive to inspire positive health changes using safe, powerful, and effective supplements that merge the best of science and nature.

North American Herb and Spice is the world leader in nutritional supplement innovation and is also the only company specializing in raw, wild, remote-source natural medicines from the pristine wilderness.

RnA ReSet, led by Dr. Carolyn Dean MD ND, is known for its visionary formulations and exceptional compassion. Thousands have benefited from their insights on the body's structure, function, and optimal nutrient requirements.


124 West Main St. Osgood, Ohio 45351

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